Training overview

We train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. All sessions are at 6.30pm (for a 6.45pm start) unless otherwise stated on the schedule, and cater to a broad range of ages and abilities.

Tuesdays are typically more centred around interval workouts. This could be speedwork, hill reps, fartlek, or just something silly. These are always at your own pace – so you can stop anytime for a breather, or push harder if you’re feeling good.

Thursdays tend to be social club nights. This means that we go out for a relatively simple run in three groups. Again, all at your own pace: you can take it easy and have a bit of a chinwag; push yourself for a tempo run; or anything in between!

  • Group #1: 5:00/km (8:00/mile)
  • Group #2: 6:00/km (9:40/mile)
  • Group #3: 7:00/km (11:20/mile)
  • Group #4: run-walk

These paces are very approximately and are just a rough indication of the group on that night.

Most importantly: Absolutely nobody is too slow for a social club run and nobody gets left behind.